10 top tips to make sure your house is ready for winter

10 top tips to make sure your house is ready for winter

There’s no denying it, the days are getting shorter, and the temperature is falling – autumn has arrived and winter will be with us soon enough. So, now is the ideal time to ensure your house is fit for all that winter can throw at it, and to make sure you’ll be kept warm and cosy until spring arrives next year.

Furthermore, ensuring your home is ship-shape for winter could prevent the unwanted expense and inconvenience of water pipes bursting, boilers breaking down, or ice damaging the guttering. Read on to learn 10 top tips for getting your house ready for the colder temperatures.

1. Bleed radiators

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your heating, and not wasting money because of inefficient heating, test your radiators. If you find they are cold at the top and hot at the bottom, it typically means the radiator needs bleeding.

2. Check that your boiler is in good condition

Looking after your boiler is essential, especially during the winter months. If it fails and needs replacing it could cost several thousand pounds and create a major inconvenience.

Before winter fully arrives, make sure yours is working properly by getting it serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer or a fully qualified heating engineer if it’s not gas.

3. Check your guttering

Clear any rubbish/leaves from your gutters to prevent a build-up, which could cause ice forming in them as temperatures plummet. Ice building up could become heavy, resulting in the gutters collapsing.

4. Create a power cut kit

While power cuts are not as common nowadays, it’s still worth creating a create a power cut kit in case it does. This could include torches and spare batteries, power bank, blankets and chocolate bars.

5. Check your windows and doors

If through the warmer months you have left your windows on the latch for fresh air, check they all shut tight in readiness for the colder weather. Look to see whether there are any gaps in windows and doors that you could seal using insulation tape, which could help reduce draughts and heating costs.

6. Use heavier curtains

By using lined, heavier weight curtains you could help properly insulate windows and limit the amount of warm air that escapes from your home. You may not realise it, but up to 40% of the heat escaping from your home could be through the windows.

Hanging a door curtain in front of a draughty front door could also make a difference.

7. Get your roof checked

Check your roof, as tiles can become loose throughout the year and could lead to leaks during winter. It might be worth getting your roof inspected by a professional to ensure it is fit for the colder months.

8. Get your outdoor space ready

Getting your home ready for winter is not only about the inside of your house. Also take time to clear your garden and secure anything that could be blown away by the wind, such as plant pots, chairs or covers that have not been fastened down properly.

9. Check your alarm and security

With winter comes longer nights, which could result in higher crime rates as thieves look to benefit from the cover of darkness. Therefore, check your home security, including any cameras you have, your alarm, as well as door and window locks.

If you have a window that isn’t closing properly, ensure you have it dealt with as soon as possible, so that it can be fully closed and locked.

10. Get your chimney inspected

Chimneys should be inspected and cleaned by a chimney cleaning professional at least once a year, more often if it’s used particularly regularly. Check for cracks and loose firebricks inside the fireplace, and check external chimney masonry for damage. Always hire a professional mason to make repairs and don’t repair firebricks with regular mortar, as it won’t stand up to the heat.

Also, look outside and prune any overhanging trees that are encroaching on the chimney. Not only do tree limbs present a fire hazard, they can also restrict the proper draft of the chimney.

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We hope you find these tips useful. Always consult a professional builder, chimney expert or heating specialist if you have questions, or feel your home needs further work to prepare it for winter.

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