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Retirement income

However complex your pension arrangements, there's a Simple solution.

Have you accumulated a number of different pensions over the years? Many of our clients have.

It’s not unusual to find yourself with a confusing mixture of products, including both personal and final salary schemes with different benefits and retirement options. It’s easy to lose track and natural to be unsure where you stand.

Simple Financial Advice have really helped sort my pensions.

Putting you in the picture

Like everything we do at Simple Financial Advice, our Retirement Income Service has a single-minded focus on replacing confusion with clarity. Explaining complex technical matters understandably. Analysing your arrangements objectively. Recommending the solution that maximises your retirement income and fits the way you live your life. Putting you in control of your retirement.

Then we’ll put the pieces together to create a clear picture. Advise on structuring your different pensions and savings to achieve a sustainable income flow.

Let’s start by talking through your goals. With most clients this happens via a relaxed telephone or video chat.

We’ll go on to provide a report that makes your options and our recommendations clear, expressed in plain English and with a refreshing lack of financial jargon.

Contact us today and don’t hold back. Feel free to ask us anything.

We also asked our clients what they most value about our help. They told us:

  • Support and assistance in meeting life goals
  • Providing a safe pair of hands
  • Gaining peace of mind

In our 2021 client survey, the three biggest concerns of those clients who have not yet taken from their pensions were:

  • My family’s financial security should anything happen to me
  • Not having enough money to live my preferred lifestyle in retirement
  • The level of investment returns

For those who had already started to take benefits from their pensions, the top three concerns were:

  • Not having enough money to continue living my preferred lifestyle in retirement
  • My level of investment returns / potential losses
  • The technical aspects of pensions

What to expect

Step 1


We’ll ask you about your personal and financial circumstances, your income, savings, investments and pensions, and have a conversation about your retirement income needs and your attitude to risk.

Step 2

Identifying your aims

We will ask you about your objectives and your priorities. We’ll establish what goals you have for your retirement, how you feel about passing your wealth on and your feelings on later life planning.

Step 3

Research and analysis

We then will undertake detailed research and analysis of your current arrangements and whether they are likely to yield the results you need to achieve your goals. Where we see evidence they will not, we will discuss the implications and what the alternatives are.

Step 4

Pension Review Report

We will provide you with a written report summarising our analysis and our recommendations. It will detail how best to achieve your objectives in your particular circumstances.

Step 5


If you decide that our recommendations are right for you and you decide to make changes to your existing arrangements, we will contact all your providers, implement the changes and take care of all the administration for you.

Step 6

Ongoing support

You may wish to use our optional ongoing advice and review service. This service is designed to ensure your arrangements are able to adapt with you as your life progresses and changes.

"I was very happy with Mark's recommendations and pleased with the way he dealt with my situation and as a result have moved my pension to the new provider."

Paul Morris,

"The whole process was made really straightforward and they took the time and care to properly understand my situation. The results have been excellent!"

Jennifer Butler,

"Because I live in a rural area, having a specialist advisor that I am able to talk to from the comfort of my own home makes a massive difference to me."