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Clive Woodman

My name is Clive Woodburn. I’ve been a client of John’s at Simple Financial Advice for just less than a year.

I chose John at Simple Financial Advice because I had a number of different pension pots I’d built up through my career. I wanted to get them into one place so that I could manage them efficiently. I liked John. When I was talking to him about the way that we would work together, they seemed flexible and responsive to what I wanted to do. If I’m honest, their price was attractive as well.

He advised me on putting the different pension pots together under one platform, in terms of one website platform through Aviva, and then advised me as to which funds to put my money into.

I think, sometimes pensions can appear quite complex, quite intimidating. Most of us don’t know an awful lot about that industry. For me, it has been a weight lifted off my mind to find a professional team to work with and to get my pension sorted out in a way that I’m comfortable that my funds are secure, that they’ll grow and that I’ve got flexibility as to how much I take and when I take it.

Without working with him or someone very similar to him, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge of the products available to me to get to that point on my own.

It was something I’d wanted to do but I’d put it off. To be honest with you, lockdown was a perfect opportunity to get some of my admin backlog out of the way. It is a weight off my mind to have this done.

The best thing about working with John and Simple Financial Advice is he’s a good sounding board. He listens, he’s flexible and we’re able to work together to come up with a solution that takes account of risk in different investment products and works well for me.

I’d describe John as knowledgeable, flexible, and good to work with.

I would recommend Simple Financial Advice to other people.