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Mark Sheircliff

Hi, my name is Mark and I’ve been working with Simple Financial Advice for about four or five months now.

I needed a financial adviser because I was made an offer by my pension company for a transfer out from my final salary pension scheme. That offer was very interesting, but they are obviously all sorts of pitfalls with taking the offer because if you do take the offer, you’re then obviously no longer going to be receiving a pension. It’s a big decision to make.

I actually came across Simple Financial Advice via a Google search. I did some due diligence to make sure that all was well with the company. From the first interaction that I had with them, I started to feel that I was working with somebody who was extremely competent and very proactive.

I interacted with Mark Thewlis, who was an excellent financial adviser right from the start – very competent, very pragmatic, he listened very well to what I was trying to achieve. He pointed out my options. In fact, he went well beyond the remit of purely looking at my final salary pension but swept in a number of other considerations, which I hadn’t thought about. Yvonne in the admin team was very good, very proactive, excellent communications, and the pragmatism and competence of the company was apparent from the very beginning.

The process was very simple. They explained that we would start with an initial fact-find, which we did. From that, they built a quite substantial model containing my various options, which they subsequently talked me through.

Having gone through the process with Simple Financial Advice, I feel very positive about my financial future now. I already felt I knew what the right answer probably was, but the due diligence that Simple Financial Advice did with me gave me the confidence to know that that was absolutely the right thing.

If I had to describe Simple Financial Advice in three words, I would use competent, cost-effective and pragmatic. They call themselves Simple Financial Advice, and that really does describe them very well. They don’t go in for complexity, which is a real breath of fresh air in the industry.

I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Mark and Simple Financial Advice to anybody else looking to go through a similar process, or anything to do with financial advice needs.