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Martin Constable

My name is Martin Constable. I’ve been working with Simple Financial Advice now for just about 18 months.

I needed help trying to find the right pension plan that suited me. I’d been within company pension schemes for probably 30-odd years, and found myself in a consultancy role and needed to find a personal plan from outside of the company.

I chose Simple Financial Advice because I had known them within the area that I live. I had some discussions with John prior to the situation I found myself in, just looking for a new policy. I just liked the way that they worked and the way they came across for looking after my needs.

Simple Financial Advice have really sorted my pension policies out but with a view to making me actually think about what I was looking for, going through how risk-averse I am, especially with the volatility of the market at the moment. They’ve really come up with the right proposal that hopefully will see me through to my retirement date.

Would my pension plans be on track if I wasn’t working with John? I certainly don’t think I would have made the right decisions if I’d have been left on my own, looking at the market and seeing what was out there. I think I probably would have jumped at the first thing I came across so to actually have somebody there to give you advice and also to act as a sounding board… Certainly, staying with Simple Financial Advice and John yeah, has given me that confidence.

One of the benefits I’ve found, certainly this year, because it has been a little bit of a traumatic year for a lot of people, was to have regular updates from Simple Financial Advice and John. Just some general advice on the state of the market and not necessarily to panic, you’re in it for the long haul and don’t feel you have to do something – the market or the pension plans will recover.

I certainly would recommend Simple Financial Advice, John, Andrea, Josh and the team there to any other people.

I would describe John in three words as approachable, exceedingly knowledgeable, and very, very customer-focused.

The best thing I found about working with Simple Financial Advice is they’re always available, they are approachable, they always respond to phone calls, emails and general requests. You then get the proactive updates on the market and as I mentioned earlier, it’s been a traumatic year for the markets and a lot of people. To have that person and that knowledge available at the end of the phone or through email, I think is invaluable.