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Why you should be paying a fixed fee for your financial advice

Pension planning can be complex.

That’s why, when you’re approaching a vital point in your life, like retirement, working with a financial adviser or planner can help you make the most of your money.

However, it’s crucial that you choose the right financial adviser for you.

You may already have a financial adviser who you think is adding value to your life. Or you may be considering financial advice for the first time.

Either way, you may not have realised that the adviser you work with, or the one you’re considering starting a relationship with, may be charging more than necessary.

Many advisers use percentage-based fees to work out how much you should pay.

As a result, if you have a good salary, or you’ve managed to amass wealth of £350,000 or more, you might be paying your adviser more than you need to.

You may also think that higher fees translate into better service, but this isn’t necessarily true. The most expensive service may not be the one that adds most the value to you.

We hope this guide encourages you to reconsider how you pay for your advice. Click the ‘Download’ button to get your copy.

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